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banned for 7 days

Posted by DrunkGecko - 1 month ago

@mist was begging mods in chat to ban me and here we are

its cuz i told him to kill himself like 2 weeks ago and he held onto it for that long

mind you, he's constantly harassing my girlfriend, calling her a tranny, making fun of her suicidal thoughts from the past but whatever lol

i will not apologize

and if he has a right to make this a public problem, then so do i


oops lol








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You calling me your girlfriend makes me happy.

are you actually my uncle?

@JimmyBiscuit @DrunkGecko I’m uncle grandpa, I’m everyone’s uncle and grandpa...

How do i get here

screenshots? I feel like it would help your case to include them in the post.

I'm not even gonna bother. It won't get me unbanned. If anyone doesn't believe me they can just look through his posts.

He seemed to be a well-meaning nutcase to me but being transphobic and making fun of suicide is a big no-no in my book. I really think it would help your case if you provided screenshots and all that good stuff so it can help your case better fam.

@W1nnie I guess he does care after all, yeah?

I just got banned from reviewing submissions the reason is something I didn't do

when the impostor is sus!


@Moderatedevil @DrunkGecko Thats the thing, a lot of people dont want to spend hours looking for posts. Laziness or just being plain busy. Lets face it, you guys post a lot lol. It may not get you unbanned but it'd provide a clearer picture for everyone. And then you can let the mods do their work, if necessary. I promise you they dont see a lot of posts that happen, and they're usually pretty fair about it. But I do want to say one thing, if Mist did make fun of her suicidal thoughts or told anyone to kill themselves its pretty despicable, but dont be the guy that copies that behavior. A lot of people on here think thats all a joke anyway, its a little annoying in all honesty. We really cant be letting people think its okay, so we have to be just a little bit better about it. Even if we think someone deserves death, its not like they are going to be the only ones affected by it. I myself still get pretty pissy that its thrown around like nothing. I was one of those people that only saw other people following mist around to tell him to off himself, we really dont need that kind of culture here. Im not saying I dont believe you or that youre the only one thats wrong, but yknow. You dont have to be Jesus himself online, just be consistent in your beliefs. Thats the only way people will take you seriously when you decide to get serious.

Now that that all said, spend this time talking to Jimmy and kicking back. Think of it as a vacation. Everyone needs a break from sites like these and a lot of times they really dont help your mental health. Now think of funny posts youre gonna make when you get back. Cheers.

added screenshots

@malachy i added screenshots. if you're gonna ban me for something from 2 weeks ago, at least be fair and do the same to @mist

@DrunkGecko He also called me a He, when I'm clearly a she and he knew I was a she, and he also called me a tranny in private messages too.

@DrunkGecko you were banned for your behavior yesterday, posting in multiple threads calling him names then tracking him down in chat to continue harassing him. That behavior is totally unacceptable and I made it clear in the ban reason. Mist was already banned for his similar behavior a month ago. If you 2 can't get along then you need to block him.

fair enough

I want to feel bad, but your gf did the exact same thing to me

I highly doubt she made fun of you for suicidal thoughts.

Mist needs to grow up ASAP.

Welp just goes too show how weak his mental state is

There's a reason why Mist got awared the "stop posting award". It should be renamed "shut your fucking mouth (uncle fucker)" award.

A messed up situation all around tbh. I just don't understand how he's been getting away with saying all those fucked up things to Jimmy

I feel bad, people on the internet can be real dickheads

Hi I'm just here to call both sides gay dumb ass bitch cunts then leave *flexes*

Flex your scrotum for me

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