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I had a dream that I had anal sex with a fish and then I got AIDS, but then I woke up and realized I was fucking a walrus and now I have lung herpes. Please help, guys. I have no idea how im gonna tell my parents about this. They'll call me a freak.

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i have aids

Posted by DrunkGecko - 1 month ago

I had sex with a fish. I really just wanted to see what it was like, I was bored. It tasted really good, it was like a seafood ceviche, I was like "Oh, I want another one" and he kept doing it to me. Then we got into the hot tub and he got some on me. I kind of freaked out because I was afraid it was going to smell like fish. So we just left and stopped by the store to get fish guts, then went to bed. Was it really awful? Is there any possible way to get out of this? Am I in trouble? I did have a shower before.


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what the fuck are you talking about

I fucked a fish in its gills and now i have aids. What part of that is not clear

this is the first step in making authentic sushi

The rice is bleached with cummies

So…you’re the guy that scouted me into the Art Portal, huh?

I have gamer aids

@DrunkGecko what was the thought process behind this decision. It would make more sense if you just bought a flashlight but you had to fuck a fish.

I did it for clout and aids

the fish, was it happy?

it was floppy

is this textsynth


you cheated on me? with a FISH???

i was confused. it looked just like you

@JimmyBiscuit @DrunkGecko dam dont blame u, she kinda fuckin hot.

especially since it looks like u

How is gamer AIDS different from normal AIDS?

only epic gamers have it

In the gills? Fish be having gaping mouths and you fucked it in the gills?! This is truly a gamer moment.

congrats bud

when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the when the

@yubis @DrunkGecko t f

Fuck me, now >:(


I was at a restaurant, and saw a fish tank full of lobsters. I jumped in, grabbed one, and started fucking it. I found out 5 days later that i had gotten aids. ;((

You know I often go to red lobster and the sea creature meals like lobster pizza and biscuits are good.havent tried fish yet

do you have fish aids?