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I had a dream that I had anal sex with a fish and then I got AIDS, but then I woke up and realized I was fucking a walrus and now I have lung herpes. Please help, guys. I have no idea how im gonna tell my parents about this. They'll call me a freak.

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stinky little motherfucking rat

Posted by DrunkGecko - 1 month ago

day 2 of my ban

im starving

havent eaten in months

i made a friend

his name is jack black

and he'll be my food source if i dont make it out alive



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i love him, he is such a stinky mother fuckin idiot rat :3

Wait, you got banned?


Why where you banned?

same thing i do every day pinky, talking shit on mist

How long?

2 days

@Wegra 8 inches

@DrunkGecko I meant your ban XD

2 days

Wait did you just change your profile pic?

like 5 times
cant decide what i want

Wow! You’re going to eat the voice of Bowser in the upcoming Super Mario movie? Nice!

How many times you've been banned

I lost track
I tallied on my sack

Dude don't eat the squirrel. There's not enough meat on it and he may go after your nuts for trying. In all seriousness though, sorry you got banned.

@jthrash Jack Black's playing Bowser? Why do I have a feeling he's gonna use his normal voice when he invites Mario to Karting?

@CIEIRMusic I have no interest in Illumination’s Super Mario movie, other than being smug about how we Sonic fans got the better Hollywood movie. Now if only I could say the same thing about Sonic’s games compared to Mario’s games…

@jthrash people thought JB couldn't act beyond comedy, when he was cast as that greedy director in King Kong. Yet among most things the man proved he could be as scary as he is funny. He could do both as Bowser. Plus he's probably just as much of a fan of Mario as Jim Carrey is a fan of Sonic. No one thought that guy could pull off Robotnik.

@CIEIRMusic I'm pretty convinced at the moment that, outside of maybe Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black is going to steal the show. Either way, though, I'm not getting my hopes up due to how intensely boring and kid-oriented Illumination's movies are to me, outside of maybe the first Despicable Me. Great actors like JB can only do so much if the script and writing is not up to snuff.

@jthrash considering Illumination is known to be both Kid friendly and have plenty of toilet humor, Captain Underpants being a prime example, if Bowser doesn't steal the show, Wario might in the near future.

@CIEIRMusic Captain Underpants was Dreamworks, not Illumination, Although both are owned by NBCUniversal, so I completely understand the confusion.